I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the last 10 years as they decide whether they should get CRM. A lot of people ask me, “Why should I get CRM?” The answer varies: it depends on your particular business, your sales needs, your marketing, and your customer service needs.

Here are a few important reasons why to get CRM:



Why get CRM? One thing I would ask you to evaluate is this: what does your business look like today versus what it looked like five years ago or 10 years ago? Are you feeling more competitive pressure? Are you feeling the need to be more responsive to your prospects and customers? Are you having a difficult time differentiating yourself in the crowd? Those are really the fundamental questions behind why to get CRM.

If you want to have better responsiveness, CRM allows everybody in your team to work from the same playbook and from the same set of information, so you can understand what’s going on with prospects and customers.

If you want to be a little bit more differentiated on the customer service side, CRM allows you to be more responsive there as well. Having all your information in one place allows your sales people, your marketing people, your service people, your management, to all work in the same direction to serve the prospects and the customers. It lets you be more responsive, stay on top of trends, see what’s happening across your sales and service teams, and stay more in tune with your customers and your prospects. I think fundamentally that’s what CRM’s going to do for you.

When it’s all put together correctly, it’s going to help you be more responsive, competitive, and differentiated on the service side. You’ll be more profitable in the long run, because your sales people will be able to do more in the same amount of time. That’s always a good thing.


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