This week in Dynamics 365 CRM Support, I’m going to show you how to make the social pane shorter in Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM.

Some clients want to adjust the height of the social pane in Dynamics 365 so they can see more information below it. But if you go to the forms modification area and click on the social pane, there is no option for you to modify the height or the number of rows.

That’s by design, unfortunately. But the good news is, there is a workaround for this.

See below for video and instructions:



The work around is very simple. You will remove the default Activities section, and then replace it with a new Activities section. This new Activities section will have more configuration options.

1.) Go to the entity you wish to edit and click … (More Commands) > Form.

2.) Click on the Activities section, then click Remove.

3.) Click Insert > Notes.

4.) Double click the Notes section you just added to open Activities Tab Properties.

5.) Click the Formatting tab and choose your formatting preferences.

You can now control the whole layout. You can configure the number of rows, and you can set the section to automatically expand to use available space. You can make the social pane shorter or longer to fit your needs.

6.) Click OK, then Save and Publish.


I hope this video has been helpful. Join us next week for more CRM Support tips.

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