This week in Dynamics 365 CRM Support, we’ll look at how to restrict certain users from seeing leads that are assigned to a manager or a person from a different business unit.

This will allow you to control access to certain records by business unit.

For example, in the video below I use business units and security permissions to make it so our customer service reps can only see lead records assigned to their business unit, and can only edit lead records assigned to themselves.

The video and instructions below assume you have not yet created the business unit you plan to set security restrictions for. If you have already completed a step, skip to the next one:



Create a new business unit

1.) Go to Settings > Security > Business Units, then click New.

2.) Type in a name and the parent for this business unit, plus any other information you wish to enter, then click Save to create your business unit.

NOTE: The parent for your business unit is the business it is associated with. In most cases, this will be your organization. Dynamics 365 automatically creates your organization when you install. It is sometimes called the “root business unit.”


Assign users to a business unit

1.) Go to Settings > Security > Users.

2.) Select the users you want to add to a business unit and click Change Business Unit.

3.) Select the business unit and click OK.


Restrict access by business unit

1.) Go to Security > Security Roles and click on the security role you want to edit.

2.) For any action/entity combination you want to restrict by business unit, select Business Unit using the toggle.


I hope this video has been helpful. Join us next week for more CRM Support tips.

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