What the Automatic Phone Number Formatter will do for you

Save data entry time and keep your contact numbers easy to read and use when you use the Automatic Phone Number Formatter!

Without the Automatic Phone Number Formatter, your team needs to format every single contact number they enter into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. This can lead to inconsistent or even incomplete contact information.

But with  the Automatic Phone Number Formatter, you’ll always see the full phone number formatted the same way every time.

All your team needs to do is enter each number as they usually would, but without any periods, hyphens, parenthesis, or other formatting marks.

The Automatic Phone Number Formatter will format each phone number automatically, making it easy to see and correct errors, and preventing inconsistent or unusable contact info.

The Automatic Phone Number Formatter is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales add-on, and is available as a standalone purchase, or as part of your Premium or Preferred OnTrack CRM Success System subscription.


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