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New to CRM?


Gartner states that over 50% of CRM implementations fail – typically due to lack of focus, lack of commitment, and/or approaching CRM as a technology-only solution.


You need a CRM Adoption System that takes care of you after the initial installation and implementation.


With the OnTrack CRM Adoption System for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, we work with you on a continuing basis, past the implementation phase of your project, so challenges are addressed and your long-term CRM success is ensured.

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Moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales from Another System?

Your Situation

Your company is putting in a new CRM system or replacing an existing CRM. Maybe all your customer and sales information is in various spreadsheets and other applications.

The Circumstances

Data migrations in general are complex and there are many factors that are vital in their success. Migrating data to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is no different.

Our Experience

QuantaCRM consultant experience is invaluable here. We have been doing this type of work for a decade and, with over 300 CRM implementations, our consultants are the best there are.

Our Method

To ensure success, we conduct a full analysis of the data to be transferred. Before we do a final migration, we verify the integrity of the data migration by running a series of trial migrations.

The Goal

The goal of the data migration process is to ensure:

  • Everyone is on the same page as to what can and will be transferred from your existing system(s) to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales,
  • We get an exact mapping of the data on the current system(s) that will be moved to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Everyone understands the complexities which dictate the scope of the data migration
  • Everything goes smoothly when we migrate your data to your new CRM system

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Need Assistance with Your Current Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales?



Receive prompt, professional, knowledgeable assistance from the leading team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales experts at QuantaCRM. As part of your OnTrack subscription, gain access to the OnTrack Support Portal, Support Chat, Phone Support, Knowledgebase and Remote Administration services – where questions are answered quickly, so your organization can keep moving forward.



Investing in the training of your employees on your CRM system is one of the most important investments your company can make.  A few hours of training can pay huge dividends by ensuring you are not wasting your resources from system misuse. When you subscribe to the QuantaCRM OnTrack CRM Adoption System, you can participate in Deep Dive Sessions – periodic one-hour in-depth training on specific aspects of CRM designed to maximize the return on your CRM investment.


Additional Training

When CRM implementations don’t deliver the desired results, it can often be traced back to one specific oversight – the lack of system training.  When your team is properly trained on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, they will have the knowledge and skills required to make the most of the new system. As part of the OnTrack subscription, you have access to training videos, so when you hire new staff, they can be on-boarded quickly. Or, if someone needs a brush-up, the training is always available.

Learn More About OnTrack CRM Adoption System for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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