Downloadable Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM Resources

Our goal is to help your business become more profitable through the successful adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM.

In order to achieve this goal, QuantaCRM provides CRM resources, including these white papers and infographics, to introduce current CRM trends and topics so you will be better able to understand the issues, solve problems, and make the best decisions for your company.

After all, the better you understand CRM and its issues and complexities, the better you will understand how to choose and use CRM to achieve your company’s goals!

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CRM Buzzwords, Terms, & Definitions

The technology industry is full of jargon, and CRM speak is no different.

For new users of CRM, all those buzzwords can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. Getting comfortable with the lingo is an important step as you go from green CRM rookie to cagey CRM veteran.

Learn the language you need to know to become a CRM pro with this helpful glossary of CRM terms, buzzwords, and definitions!

Business Growth: Signs You're Outgrowing Your Contact Management System

It’s typical for new businesses to keep track of sales activity, marketing campaigns, contacts, and leads manually, using a combination of Microsoft Outlook, spreadsheets, and handwritten notes.

But as your business grows, it becomes more and more important to keep internal processes efficient and effective to keep your customers happy.

Learn when and how to upgrade your contact management system!

CRM On-Premises vs. On-Demand: 5 Key Considerations

CRM is more accessible than ever. Cloud-based SaaS models have become the new norm, and have reduced CRM start-up costs dramatically.

At the same time, on-premises CRM deployments have become simpler to deploy and administrate, and far more agile and customizable.

Learn the strengths and weaknesses of on-premises and cloud-based CRM, and make the right choice for your business!

Mobile CRM: Advantages, Benefits, Challenges and Considerations

Workforce mobilization has become a key competitive requirement for most companies. If your team can’t be productive on the go, you’re losing ground.

Choosing the right mobile technologies to extend key business applications will allow you to tap into the added productivity of a mobile workforce.

Discover the evolving mobile CRM landscape and learn how to reap the benefits of a mobile CRM solution!

Prospect Engagement: Automate to Dominate

Whether you are launching a business or taking the necessary steps to grow and diversify an established one, you need prospect engagement and lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is a documented success driver. Forrester Research’s 2014 lead management evaluation found companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost than their less sophisticated peers.

Learn how CRM automation can help you improve prospect engagement, lead nurturing, and overall business development!

The Road to Success with OnTrack and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

50% of CRM implementations fail, but OnTrack has a 98% success rate.

That’s no accident. We believe in starting simply and building a CRM system your users can leverage to increase revenue, capture multi-channel leads and convert them to sales, and predict customer behavior for more effective sales and marketing.

Learn how QuantaCRM can help you maximize your CRM investment in the shortest time possible!

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