What the Completed Activity Unlocker will do for you

Have you or one of your team members ever needed to go back into an older activity to make changes to your notes? If so, you’ve no doubt noticed Dynamics 365’s default settings don’t let you edit an activity once you’ve marked it as complete.

Sure, you can delete the old record and create a new one, but that’s wasted time and effort, and anyone whose security role doesn’t allow them to delete records can’t use this workaround anyway.

The Completed Activity Unlocker leaves those pains in the past. Now you can reopen a completed activity and edit the information within it as needed, saving you and your team time, energy, and a whole lot of headaches.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Completed Activity Unlocker add-on by QuantaCRM is available exclusively to OnTrack CRM Adoption System subscribers.


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