What the Credit Application Processor will do for you

Streamline the credit application process and prevent painful delays with the Credit Application Processor.

Without the Credit Application Processor, your sales team needs to call or e-mail accounting whenever they need a credit application reviewed, and accounting needs to follow up with sales by phone or e-mail once the process is complete. Your team spends extra time on these steps, and e-mails and voice mails can sometimes get lost or forgotten, disrupting the whole process.

The Credit Application Processor streamlines each step in the credit application process, organizes the data, and keeps credit apps from getting lost. When an account is ready for a credit check, all your salespeople need to do is click a box on the account record, and all the necessary information is automatically sent to the accounting department in an organized list.

Once each credit application has been reviewed and completed, the accounting department can click another box to notify the sales team that the account has been processed and is ready to receive orders.

You and your team can also view lists of both current and completed credit application requests, or can check the status of an individual request from the account record, which means no worries and no hassles throughout the credit app process.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Credit App Processor add-on is available to OnTrack CRM Adoption System subscribers.


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