What Automatic Follow-Up Tasks will do for you

Save data entry time and never fail to follow up when you use Automatic Follow-Up Tasks!

Without Automatic Follow-Up Tasks, your team first needs to create a task, set a date and time for that task, and save and close it—and then create a second, totally new follow-up task, note it as a follow-up, set a date and time for it, and save that task as well.

Automatic Follow-Up Tasks eliminate the hassle and turn a two-step process into a one-step process. Each task now includes a follow-up field. All your team needs to do is schedule their follow-up activity in the field, and once they save their first task, the follow-up will be automatically generated.

That means follow-up appointments, tasks, and phone calls get created and added to your team’s schedules automatically, instead of requiring tedious, duplicate data entry.

Automatic Follow-Up Tasks is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunity follow-up add-on available to OnTrack CRM Adoption System subscribers.


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