What the Last Activity Date Tracker will do for you

Maintain close, quality communication with your customers by tracking your most recent contact dates and types using the Last Activity Date Tracker.

Without the Last Activity Date Tracker, you need to sift through all your activities manually to determine your most recent touchpoints and contact types for an account or contact. This method is time consuming, frustrating, and prone to error.

The Last Activity Date Tracker eliminates all that extra tedium and uncertainty by displaying the most recent task, phone call, email, and appointment dates, as well as the last contact date of any kind, directly from your account and contact forms and views.

You can use this information to assign tasks to members of your sales team, create marketing lists and strategies, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication activities.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Last Activity Date Tracker add-on is free to OnTrack CRM Adoption System Premium-level subscribers.


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