What The Note Hider will do for you

Keep sales activity information easy to find and report on while saving valuable storage space with the Note Hider add-on by QuantaCRM!

Consistent information and cohesive reporting are critical in CRM. If you have a mix of notes and activities, your team won’t always know which to report on or where to check for information on a record. Notes also don’t sync up to your mobile device as tasks or appointments, which can be a big liability for mobile users.

With the Note Hider, you can simply hide the Notes tab to avoid accidentally splitting up important activity information in your system. Your sales team can still do their jobs easily and efficiently whether they’re in the office or on the road, all while ensuring management remains in the loop.

Hiding notes will also prevent users from attaching files to notes, which can eat into your CRM database storage limits. Your team can instead leverage the low cost of integrated SharePoint storage for attaching those files. You save money without losing functionality or creating extra work for your team.

The Dynamics 365 Note Hider Add-on is available for standalone purchase, or free to OnTrack CRM Adoption System Premium-level subscribers.


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