What Pop-Up Notifications for Accounts will do for you

Is there something your team needs to know before interacting with an account? Maybe you have an account whose daily hours vary, or whose contact person is touchy about names or titles.

Forgetting these important details can lead to mis- or missed communication, or sometimes even sour a relationship. Don’t let important information go unseen again!

With Pop-Up Notifications for Accounts, you can set a message to appear in a pop-up window every time a user attempts to access the associated account record. That information must be acknowledged before proceeding to the full account view.

For example, you might note “Closes at 3pm on Fridays,” or “Do not call owner Don; insists on being called Donald.”

It’s super simple, and will keep important relationship information front and center whenever your team views or contacts an account.

Pop-Up Notifications for Accounts is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 pop-up notification add-on available to OnTrack CRM Adoption System subscribers.


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