What the Web-to-Lead Creator will do for you

Streamline your lead generation and avoid letting leads fall through the cracks with the Web-to-Lead Creator, a web-to-lead add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales!

Without the Web-to-Lead Creator, you probably receive an email notification when you get a web-generated lead. Someone then needs to check that email and manually key a new record into your CRM for follow-up. Not only does this approach take extra time and effort, but your leads can sometimes languish unnoticed in inboxes or get entered incorrectly.

The Web-to-Lead Creator keeps your leads from falling through the cracks, ensures your lead records are entered correctly, centralizes those records, and enables you to setup workflows or other follow-up automations easily.

Just set up a simple web form to gather the information you need for a new lead. You can use our default form, or customize one to fit seamlessly into your website or landing page design. The Web-to-Lead Creator automatically creates and populates lead records into your Dynamics 365 system so you can assign them to a member of your sales team or add them to a marketing campaign. There is no need to check emails, create email integration, or write any extra code; the Web-to-Lead Creator does it all for you.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 web-to-lead add-on is free to OnTrack CRM Adoption System Premium and Preferred-level subscribers.


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