Some companies who have embraced a mobile CRM solution have seen an increase in their average sale of 20%.


A common observation among companies using a CRM solution is that the field staff often appears to be disengaged from the CRM process.

In many cases, mobile processes still appear to be mostly manual and note-driven, with information not being effectively captured into the system.

Leveraging the benefits of a CRM solution requires ubiquitous availability of computing resources and connectivity to the CRM database.

In many, if not most mobile situations today—either at a customer site or in-transit—the benefits are lost without the right mobility tools, including mobile CRM.

The observed 20% increase in average sales after implementing a mobile CRM solution is due in part, because:

  • Salespeople with immediate access to account history, product information, price lists and promotions can offer customers more options to build sales.
  • There are no return calls, no calling back to the office for approval, no delays.  Opportunities move through the pipeline more efficiently.
  • These greater efficiencies and productivity mean that the mobile sales professional has the flexibility to visit more clients and close more deals, faster.

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