Many businesses have chosen to deploy a customer relationship management (CRM) solution with the intent to increase sales and strengthen customer relationships.  However, in some cases, leaders are met with resistance, which puts deployment at risk for failure.  Here are several tips you can use today to maximize your return on investment and ensure long-term CRM success.


QuantaCRM developed the OnTrack Adoption System to accelerate the return on investment when deploying a powerful new business solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  A significant part of deployment success depends on the support of your employees and management teams.  Strong user adoption is necessary for deployment success, as well as your ability to capture and leverage business data to strengthen business relationships, increase sales, and create innovative marketing campaigns.

Download this infographic, “The Road to Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,” for more tips on how to ensure a successful deployment.  Here are a few highlights to help ensure your success with CRM:

  1. Simplicity is essential: While Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is easy to learn and use, you don’t want to overload employees with all the unique features and functions all at once.  Keep the rollout simple by teaching employees the basic features they need to learn first, then add to their education over time.
  2. Training builds confidence: As employees become comfortable with the features they learn and use most often, they will have the confidence to learn more and use more of the other beneficial features.  Soon enough, your people will take full advantage of all that this solution offers.
  3. Keep your eyes on the prize: Over time, your team will become proficient with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and you’ll achieve strong user adoption.  If you offer continued training, your changes are much, much greater.

Don’t let your CRM deployment fail before you even get started.  Download the infographic to learn how our established OnTrack Adoption System can provide the support you need to earn a fast return on investment.  Contact QuantaCRM for more information about the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and how to deploy this powerful technology quickly, affordably, and successfully.