The right customer relationship management (CRM) solution can increase sales efficiency, save valuable time, and strengthen marketing programs.


This success is based on the ability of your sales and marketing teams to use the solution consistently and properly.  Optimize your use of CRM as soon as it’s deployed, and for years to come, by putting the right policies and procedures in place from the very start.

Eliminate User Abandonment

The first month after CRM deployment can set the stage for continued success or eventual abandonment.  A robust solution, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, offers many immediate benefits from sales force automation to valuable customer insights; however, only when it’s being used.  Download this infographic, “The Road to Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,” and learn how to ensure a successful CRM deployment by gaining the short-term and long-term support you need to take advantage of all this powerful solution offers.

User support is one of the keys to a positive CRM implementation, and training will influence how your sales and marketing team view the new solution.  Offering too much information in long training sessions will frustrate and confuse users, which is a sure way to lose their attention.  After many successful deployments, we have developed a highly effective OnTrack Adoption System.  Our team of experts has discovered that businesses get more results from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by teaching people the specific information they need to know first.  Customizing training sessions, showing users how to perform certain common tasks, then letting them become comfortable with the solution improves short-term user adoption.  Over time, your teams will learn more features and functions and become even more proficient with the features that make their specific job responsibilities more efficient and productive.

Soon after training, it’s important to put polices and checkpoints into place to ensure that your sales and marketing teams continue to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online as planned.  Revisiting training and checking in repeatedly can improve long-term user adoption.  Support from management and peers also improves continued use of this robust solution.

Optimize CRM success by downloading the infographic and taking advantage of these proven methodologies for encouraging strong user adoption.  Contact QuantaCRM for more information about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and for guidance throughout your CRM implementation.