Today’s customer relationship management (CRM) solutions offer powerful features designed to strengthen marketing campaigns, streamline the sales cycle, and improve sales efficiency.


However, these features are only successful when they are being used. Not every business is taking full advantage of the features they really need, many of which are already built into the CRM solution. Here are tips for keeping your team on the right track and making sure you get the most out of your CRM investment.

There is a wide range of CRM solutions available in the marketplace today and they each have equally wide ranges of features and functions.  However, having so many ‘bells and whistles’ can complicate an otherwise efficient and productive technology.  Download “The Road to Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,” an infographic, and you’ll find that nearly 72% of CRM users would give up extra features to get a CRM solution that is easier to use.  In addition, approximately 43% of customers use fewer than half the features in their CRM solution.  There is no reason to invest in a CRM solution that offers features that you don’t need or won’t use.  You need a flexible and scalable solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, that can remain aligned with your business needs today and as your business grows and changes.

User Adoption is Critical

With many years of successful CRM deployments, our team of experts has developed an OnTrack Adoption System that streamlines the deployment process and improves user adoption.  One of the reasons our program is so successful is the systematic training program that tailors your training to your users. Showing your sales team or marketing team the screens or fields that are applicable to their tasks improves the learning experience.  As they become more comfortable with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, their confidence will grow and, soon enough, they will take advantage of more of the features this powerful solution offers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers many powerful features and functions for your sales and marketing teams.  With the proper training and continued support, your team can master the solution and use it to improve marketing, sales, and customer service activities.  Download the infographic and contact QuantaCRM for more information about deploying the right CRM solution and using the features that keeps your sales and marketing operations on the right track.