CRM and The Right Business Changes for Your Business


Not all customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are the same, and neither are all deployments.  Provide your sales and marketing teams with a strong CRM solution, and don’t forget the training to use it properly, and they will use it with confidence.  You’ve made the right changes for your business, now ensure your return on investment and long-term success with these tips.

Download “The Road to Success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online,” an infographic, and you’ll find that nearly 60% of companies surveyed have reported reductions in administrative overhead that can be attributed to the sales force automation offered in the right CRM solution.  Choosing a robust CRM solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, can provide the time-saving automations your sales and marketing teams need to work with greater efficiency and productivity.  In addition to strong technology, a strong deployment can improve user adoption and ensure continued use of this powerful technology.

The Secret to Successful User Adoption

Through many years and hundreds of CRM deployments, our team of experts has identified trends that can optimize your CRM deployment.  Our proven OnTrack Adoption System takes a systematic approach to the entire process and offers customized training with continuous follow up support to ensure your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution is working at peak efficiency.

We start by:

  1. Simplifying training: We won’t overload your sales and marketing teams with too much information. Basic, manageable steps teaches people everything they need to learn in a way that makes sense.
  2. Building confidence: As your sales and marketing team become more proficient with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, their confidence will grow and they will soon take advantage of the many other features that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers.
  3. Implementing continuous improvements: Put policies and checkpoints in place to make sure your people are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online properly and consistently.  Revisiting training can improve user adoption and satisfaction.

With the right CRM solution and the right plan, you can make the changes that strengthen your business and drive growth, and make these changes stick.  Download the infographic and contact QuantaCRM for guidance during your CRM deployment to maximize your return on investment.