What Are Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM are simply a way to organize or group your leads, accounts, or contacts so that you can market to them efficiently and effectively.

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, list management and the list (marketing list) entity help you create lists of potential customers or existing customers for marketing purposes.

Typically, a list is a potential target for a campaign. However, you can also use it for other marketing reasons. You can generate subsets of a list by using different parameters for a campaign or to run an activity in bulk mode.

Your marketing list is the core of running a successful marketing campaign.

What Are the Different Types of Marketing Lists in Dynamics CRM?

There are two types of lists: static and dynamic. All list members must be of the same entity type, such as accounts, contacts, or leads.

  • Static List – Use a static list if you prefer to add and update members manually.
  • Dynamic List – Use a dynamic marketing list if you want the list to return a list of leads, accounts, or contacts dynamically when needed, based on search criteria you set. For example, if you want to run a campaign to members of a specific city, use a dynamic list. A dynamic marketing list retrieves the updated list of members each time you open the list, create a quick campaign from the list, or distribute a campaign activity for a campaign associated with the list.

How Can You Use Marketing Lists in Dynamics CRM?

You can promote your business and improve sales with targeted marketing campaigns in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can also create activities for each campaign and assign them to different team members. Then, you can track customer response and costs for each campaign. 

Typically you use lists to:

  • Send out company newsletters
  • Distribute promotional emails
  • Send event information and updates
  • Use in mail merges


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