It’s a Sign of Business Success with Easy-to-Adopt Contact Management Solutions


Entrepreneurs are accustomed to scrounging solutions in the early days. Coffee shops stand in for office space. Credit cards cover capital expenditures. Microsoft Outlook houses the “contact management system” and conversation archive. Excel lends a hand. A stack of bank deposit slips, receipts and other scraps of paper await manual data entry, and iPhone Notes contains elevator pitches and beginnings of blog posts. Once the prospect list grows to include connections made at trade shows or through LinkedIn influencers, the sales process noticeably sputters. You know the obvious lack of efficiency comes across as unprofessional and unreliable to prospects and customers. And lost productivity means lost business and likely unnecessary costs. How many of these scenarios are familiar?

  • You email updates on prospects, leads and customers to marketing and sales staff.
  • Anyone with access to your contact management sees everything…and may edit anything.
  • You store some critical information outside of your contact management system due to it limitations. Your use of asterisks in your contact management system is rampant, indicating the data saved in another system.
  • You manually repeat simple tasks because you don’t have automation capabilities.
  • Each report you generate takes hours to create and polish to presentation-ready.

More than 60% of companies we surveyed reported reductions in administrative overhead from sales force automation. You can claim the same by implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. And you may see:

  • A decrease of more than 20% in the sales cycle
  • Customer retention improvements of more than 25%
  • Sales and marketing cost decreases of more than 20%


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