Sometimes you may need to add information found only in a report to a dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics CRM so that you can quickly assess the state of your business and manage it more effectively.

This article discusses steps on how to show a report in a Dashboard component/gadget in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as shown below.


Show Report Dashboard Component Dynamics 365 1


First you will need to find out the report URL by running the Report you wish to include in a Dashboard component. Please see below. Reports can be executed in Sales -> Reports section. Copy the URL on to notepad and change the highlighted text ‘filter’ to ‘run’.


Show Report Dashboard Component Dynamics 365 2


Now it is time to design your component. Add an Iframe gadget. You can design your dashboard as a system dashboard under Settings -> Customization-> Customize the System-> Dashboard, then click on the IFRAME button. After the following windows appears, populate the highlighted fields (e.g., copy and paste the Report URL you modified in notepad to URL field) and make sure to uncheck the “Restrict cross-framing scripting” check box. (if this is enabled, then you may receive a blank screen). Then click ‘OK’.


Show Report Dashboard Component Dynamics 365 3


Save and publish the dashboard and launch the dashboard in the Sales section. And, BINGO!, you will see your report is embedded in to a dashboard gadget.



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