Dynamics 365 as a “Digital Transformation”


Microsoft wasn’t kidding when it touted Dynamics 365 ahead of its early-October debut. Set to take down Salesforce with artificial intelligence and new business applications, it will be rolled out beyond beta testers on November 1 – with prices reported to rival Salesforce, Oracle and SAP offerings.

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive cloud software in that it integrates CRM with ERP, thus the challenge to Salesforce, as well as Oracle and SAP.

The big boost in intelligence, and the competitive edge that Microsoft hopes to take to the bank through bundled pricing, is the use of social media data from LinkedIn, which Microsoft agreed to acquire in June. Bundled pricing is expected to save money for companies that formerly employed separate CRM and ERP solutions, along with add-on modules.

Users will get financials, sales, marketing, project service automation, operations, customer service and PowerApps, Microsoft’s business-app development service. The advanced analytics and responsive, iterative learning promise to provide a leg up to adopter growth and evolution. The improvements present in Dynamics 365 include sentiment and intent analysis, preemptive customer service, relationship insights, lead and opportunity scoring, and product recommendations for cross-sell or up-sell.

Microsoft Flow, a tool for the creation of automated workflows between apps, is baked into Dynamics 365 to further extend functionality.

Independent apps can enhance the built-in intelligence tools. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights, a new analytics application, connects and analyzes data across sources to give holistic suggestions to improve customer engagement.

As Microsoft has transformed Dynamics, it offers its customers the opportunity to transform themselves.


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