Learn How to Use the Business Management Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM to Improve Your Sales


The business management features of Microsoft Dynamics Sales CRM empower you to manage your business and improve the results of your sales team.

You can handle regular business and holiday hours to prevent mis-scheduling resources within CRM.

You can set sales goals and quotas so your team is motivated to perform and so you can keep your business objectives on track.

Sales Territories enable you to manage your sales team to avoid conflicts and duplicated effort and to improve sales potential and revenues.

By enabling Resource Groups, you can effieciently manage the scheduling of Service Technicians, Other CRM Users, Facilities, and Equipment

When you use Automatic Record Creation and Update Rules, you can channel external data into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales CRM to improve the efficiency of your Sales, Marketing, and Service Teams, and increase the quality of your data.

Increase your sales by learning how to use:

  • Business Closures and Holidays
  • Goal Metrics
  • Sales Territories
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Resource Groups
  • Automated Processes


Watch the on-demand webinar “Learn the Secrets of Dynamics 365 Sales CRM Business Management Features and Improve Your Sales” for more information.