It’s the Best Way to Learn the Latest Info on Dynamics 365 CRM


Looking for strange analogies and accurate yet eye-rolling news? Look no further than the latest, greatest episode of Channel Q, the unbeatable Dynamics 365 CRM-focused YouTube show from QuantaCRM. Here’s what’s in the newest episode.

Skip reading about the episode and just watch it! We promise, it’s worth it. You’ll totally laugh.

1. Presents for Every CRM User

Find out how Microsoft is addressing customer ideas and suggestions – and how you can add your opinion – and help us upvote the absolute best Dynamics 365 CRM suggestion ever so you can benefit too.

2. The New AppSource Management Plan from Microsoft

A rival company is trying to break into the awesomeness of Microsoft ISV integrations, but Microsoft has a plan to deal with that. Hint: Their plan will probably require them to purchase lots of weight-lifting equipment.

3. Advertising for Weird, Old Cars

Who doesn’t love terrible European cars? Nobody, that’s who. Or, at least that’s what a rival company wants you to think. Learn which four-letter productivity platform seems to be misunderstanding how people can make their businesses more efficient.

4. A Craving for Lunch

What’s Brian Dunn up to these days? No really, what the heck is he up to? If you figure this out, please tell us. And for goodness sake, buy the man some food if you find him!

5. Some Digital Assistant Rivalry

“It looks like you’re trying to build leads on Twitter! Would you like help?”

Before Siri and Cortana (and all those other modern digital assistants), there were, er, less modern assistants. One of these had wiggly eyebrows. They have something to say about the new, highly effective social media functionality in Dynamics 365 CRM.

6. Delicious Munchies

There’s an upcoming conference in another part of the world for some very special people. Not only will there be delicious foods at the conference, there will also be a chill vibe. Strangely though, Mariam will not be there.


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