Get All the Details About the Updated Outlook Plugin for Dynamics 365 CRM


Ready for a weird way to spend the next 10 minutes? Look no further than the latest, greatest episode of Channel Q, the unbeatable Dynamics 365 CRM-focused YouTube show from QuantaCRM. The newest broadcast gets you all the info you need about the updated Outlook plugin for CRM.

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The most recent installment in the educational, entertaining Channel Q series is exploding onto the little screen to bring you:

  • The Right Way (and Wrong Way) to Get the Outlook Plugin for CRM

Find out how easy it is to get the Outlook plugin from QuantaCRM so you can avoid the suspicious methods Brian Dunn used to obtain his ineffective, colorful knock-off plugin.

  • Convenience Plus Privacy with the Outlook Plugin

Do you hate leaving your inbox to enter info into your CRM? Learn how you can enter contact details straight into CRM from an email, file emails in CRM from your desktop or mobile phone, and — very important — keep private, questionable emails out of CRM.

  • Dancing Zebras and Spaceship Attacks

Yup, you read that right. Peter gets some help from zebras (and some hindrance from aliens) when he explains how your company can avoid duplicate data entry with those sales or support email leads.

  • A Unique Beverage That Mariam Is Drinking

We’re wondering what’s really in her drink. All we know for sure is that she’s been trying to balance that beverage on her head for a while now. Hmmmm. 

You Can Also See the Outlook Plugin in Action!

If you’ve been itching to see exactly how the plugin works, now’s your chance. We managed to banish the dancing zebras, shady dealings, and alien attacks for this section – so all you’ll see is good, old-fashioned demo details that’ll help you understand what you can do with the Outlook plugin for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Find out how to:

  • Add contacts and leads directly from your email
  • Enter additional contact information directly from your email
  • Set up tasks, phone calls, and appointments directly from your email
  • Set up email tracking in CRM… you guessed it: directly from your email


Ready for your in-depth, hilarious intro to the Outlook plugin for Dynamics 365 CRM? Join the QuantaCRM crew for the next ten minutes and watch the “Dynamics Outlook Plugin Showcase” episode of Channel Q. Make sure you subscribe to Channel Q on YouTube so you never miss an episode.