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Laughing at cat videos is one thing, but laughing while you’re learning? You haven’t had this much fun getting new info since, um… never. Seriously, if you haven’t watched the new video podcast series from QuantaCRM, you’re missing out.

Check out what’s in the April release of Channel Q News for the hilarious info you need to keep up with the latest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM news.



Reading’s cool and all, but you should watch the episode! It’ll be the best seven minutes of your week. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and catch them all.

Here’s the latest news that the QuantaCRM team covers:

Extreme Sports and Software

Get the details on the upcoming Microsoft conference and find out why you should be drinking a Red Bull if you attend.

Pride and Prejudice… and Toast

Mr. Darcy, the smoldering hero from 1800s Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice, ain’t got nothin’ on this kitchen appliance of your dreams. Oh, and there’s another conference too.

Secret Income Sources for QuantaCRM

Find out why a popular app game comes up so often in QuantaCRM conversation and learn how Microsoft is helping your company cash in on games. 

A Sleepless Night

Learn the magic word that’s keeping the Q team up at night, and figure out why Microsoft’s new collaboration integration isn’t helping them get more rest.

The Newest in Video Gaming

Speaking of video games, you’ll learn what gaming platforms have to do with the new on-premises install of Microsoft software for businesses.

Your Daily Dose

Brian seems to have taken a trip somewhere. Or perhaps he’s tripping somewhere. You decide.

Mariam’s New Job Application

Mariam makes a play to join LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman at his new job that deals with the interweaving of tech tools. We think she’s got a case.

The Catty Remark You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re a fan of the Channel Q news, you’ll be expecting a dig at a competitor. Vicariously express your inner snarkiness as the QuantaCRM team talks about the newest LinkedIn integrations.


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