Rise Above Your Evil Competitors with the Dynamics 365 CRM Personalization Superhero


What if we told you that you’d meet a superhero in the next ten minutes? If you’ve already subscribed to the QuantaCRM YouTube channel filled with wacky Dynamics 365 CRM videos, you’ll know that to meet that superhero you just need to navigate to the latest Channel Q episode: “Personalization Showcase!



Check out the newest Channel Q episode from the QuantaCRM team and learn all about how you can work faster and more efficiently with Dynamics 365 CRM Personalization. Don’t forget to “like” the episode! 


What Will You Learn in The Latest Episode?

Screen the latest episode on your conference room wall and make yourself some microwaved popcorn, because this newest episode is packed with:

  • FAQs about Dynamics 365 CRM Personalization

Learn how to hide form sections, simplify menus and navigation options, get relevant data faster, and change grids in CRM quickly and easily. Also see Mailman Gordon without his uniform.

  • Workflow Variations for Different Clients

Find out how easy it is to have multiple tracks and workflows for your various clients and discover why that freedom matters – all in this month’s “Did You Know” feature. (Cool Twilight Zone effects included for free!)

  • The Secret Fix-It Answer to Personalization Questions

Mild-mannered marketer by day, CRM personalizing superhero by night. Have a guess about who it is? Find out if your guess is right because this alter ego will be unmasked (gasp!) during the episode. Wow!

Also includes a free, in-depth introduction to how CRM personalization works for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

Mariam’s savvy walkthrough will help you work your Dynamics 365 CRM system better and faster, because this month’s CRM Spotlight showcases the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop layout functionality in your system.

Follow along so you can learn how to:

  • Increase your CRM and sales efficiency
  • Change and update important fields
  • Rearrange your grid display and layout
  • Move critical contact info to easily visible locations
  • Adjust the layout of your CRM contact displays

It’s time you laughed along while you learn more about Dynamics 365 CRM Personalization. While you’re watching, make sure to click “Subscribe” underneath the video so you never miss an opportunity to turn your conference room into an impromptu theater room. (Let’s hear it for more popcorn consumption at work!)


Now it’s time to join the unstoppable QuantaCRM crew for the next ten minutes and watch Channel Q’s all-new, cutting-edge, incredible “Personalization Showcase!