Are you curious about what enhancements and new features are coming to Dynamics 365? Check the roadmap!


If so, Microsoft has created a website just for you:


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Roadmap


Microsoft’s goal is to, “provide a snapshot of what we’re working on.”

The features are categorized by: What’s New, In Development, and Previously Released.

Additionally, there are tabs for Enterprise and Business Editions.

Filters can be applied to focus on items tied Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc.

Features that have just been released include:

  • Power BI Data Visualizations added to the Dynamics 365 core
  • Azure Machine Learning (ML) for product cross-sell recommendations
  • Social Selling Assistant to empower salespeople to leverage social media

Features that are in development include:

  • Cortana integration
  • Database Level Encryption with Customer Managed Keys
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

So there’s some HUGE functionality coming soon.


If you have questions about upcoming or existing features in Dynamics 365 for Sales, please contact us. We’re here to help.