Like a Fine Chicago Pizza, this Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Video Has Extra Cheese


In our opinion, today’s modern businesses have far too few puns in them. Seriously! I mean, have you heard any puns today? We didn’t think so. Luckily, the Quanta CRM team has arrived to remedy that with a pun-filled episode of Channel Q News: “LEADS in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM” Subscribe to the episode and you’ll never miss another pun again.



In this month’s Channel Q CRM Review, you’ll learn how to manage your CRM for sustainable growth, get your top lead-building questions answered, and see a dragon. Don’t forget to “like” the episode!

Channel Q: It’s Like a Guilty Pleasure that Teaches You!

If you feel like you’re having too much fun at work when you watch Channel Q… well, perhaps you’re really into denying yourself small pleasures. That’s lame. You work hard, so we suggest that you reward yourself immediately by doing two things:

  1. Order delivery from Lou Malnati’s
  2. While you wait for your order, watch this episode of Channel Q

Your boss will agree that you deserve a break, especially if your break time includes pumping up your lead-building efforts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales with:

  • 3 Tips on Leads

There’s a right way and a wrong way to start building your leads in CRM, and this month’s CRM Review helps you set a strong foundation for success with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales system.

  • FAQs about Leads in Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales

Discover how to take care of duplicate leads from tradeshows, how to classify your leads and accounts, and how to escalate leads you’re working with. Feel free to razz Pete in the comments for his rookie filming mistake too.

  • Lead-Building Techniques for Social Media

The ultimate in multitasking: Watch Saturday morning cartoons while you learn about how MS Flow helps you create leads in CRM from your social media accounts in this month’s “Did You Know” feature.

You Know You Want More…

Has that pizza arrived yet? Didn’t think so. It takes a while to make a fine, extra cheesy Chicago-style pizza and get it to your door. Since you’ve got some extra time, how about you catch up on the other videos from Quanta CRM – they’re all just as awesome as this one was.

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