Today, we’re going to be looking at an easy way to improve communication between your accounting team and your sales team.

Salespeople try to sell as much product as they can, but they aren’t always aware of accounting issues with every customer.

When accounting places a credit hold on a customer, you want your sales team to know. The best case is the salesperson can convince the customer to pay their bills and then proceed with the sale. But worst case, your sales team at least knows not to put another order through while there’s still a hold on the account.

The easiest way to make sure your sales team knows about credit holds is to reflect those holds inside of Dynamics 365 for Sales.

We built an add-on for this. Let’s take a look at what it does and how it can help you:


We’ve added a field called “Credit Hold” as part of the Credit Hold Alerts add-on. That field includes a Credit Hold checkbox. If an account has a credit hold on it, just check the box!

Now, your accounting team can also automate the Credit Hold checkbox selection by performing data uploads into the system that show all of the records, and update records that have credit holds on them. So that might be a daily or a weekly process depending on your industry and your business.

When the Credit Hold checkbox is selected, the account name at the top of the screen changes colors. And this is part of the magic of the add-on. We can make this any color that you want. It’s blue in our example, but maybe you want something like yellow or red to give it an alert or alarm feel.

When a salesperson pulls the record up, they’ll see that there’s something on the account they need to look at. Once they see the hold, that notifies my salesperson to say, “Wait. Before you put a sales order through, you might want to talk to them about why their account is on a credit hold.”

Oftentimes, a salesperson talking to the buyer at a company can get that credit hold released. It may be as simple as clearing something that is held up on the buyer’s end, like a delayed check. A salesperson can quickly ask for that, get that payment sent through, and then hopefully release the credit hold.

Now, you can also apply security to ensure only accounting people can actually control the credit hold or release, but it’s a really handy utility for both sales and accounting either way.

If you want to add the Credit Hold Alerts add-on to your Dynamics 365 CRM, please contact us or follow the link below!



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