You’ll Love the Extra Power Behind Dynamics 365 Customer Service


I think we can all agree that the flexibility and familiar look of Dynamics 365 is easy to use and understand, flexible enough to meet the needs of diverse teams, and — most importantly — instrumental in delivering great customer service with high levels of efficiency.

And now it’s got an all-new look that makes it even more efficient.

Register for the on-demand webinar to get your first in-depth look at the redesigned customer service functionality in Dynamics 365 2017.

From its renewed appearance to even more flexible controls, the Dynamics 365 2017 Customer Service gorgeous graphical design now offers:

  • Updated dashboards
  • New layouts, charts, and filters
  • Enhanced view options
  • Faster customer case resolution tools
  • Easy-to-use case management actions

The on-demand, 30-minute, in-depth webinar will be presented by Miriam Florio, senior consultant at QuantaCRM, and will include a full walkthrough of the program’s functions and features in a fresh, fun format that you’ll watch again and again.

Since we know you and your team are busy, we’ve also broken the webinar down into convenient chunks, each of which focus on a different aspect of the Dynamics 365 2017 Customer Service experience. Each “chunk” is less than five minutes, so it’ll be easy to share relevant pieces with your team – without having to scroll through slow, dull video.

(In fact, as you’ll see, this webinar is definitely not slow or dull – it’s exciting like our other events!)

Best of all, when you attend the on-demand webinar you’ll also get the opportunity to take advantage of an extremely valuable, limited-time special offer for your customer service project. Learn more about the special offer in the webinar.


The on-demand webinar is now available! If you’re ready to learn more about the webinar, you can register now and be one of the first people to see the groundbreaking, all-new Dynamics 365 2017 Customer Service.